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Baby Face Dolls

The Galoob Baby Face dolls are a big part of my collection and some of my very favorites. These 13" multi-jointed vinyl dolls were manufactured in 1990-91 only. Because of their quality and just plain old cuteness, they are steadily rising in popularity among today's modern doll collectors.

This is one of the Baby Face display cases that was to be placed in the retail stores. There was only about 200 of these cases made. Contrary to what some people may believe, the dolls used in the displays were of no better quality than any of the other Baby Face dolls. They didn't have better eyes or thicker hair than any of their counterparts. They were pulled right off the production line and are the same exact dolls as any of the others

A Boy Baby Face

Hey what about me!

This Denny (sample doll) is now living with his new family in Kentucky, he is very happy and has adjusted well

Sad baby Brooke and Happy Baby Hannah
These two are from the bathtub series and don't have the extra joints like their older counterparts. They have more "realistic" fingers and toes and came wearing a screened on under shirt that disappeared when bathed in warm water.
The faces are just as adorable

So Happy Heidi-So Sorry Robyn-So Loving Laura

So Tender Tina and So Merri Kerri

So Cute Carmen-So Innocent Charlene-So Excited Naomi

So Funny Natalie-So Shy Sherri-So Playful Penny
Happy Baby Hannah

So Delightful Dee Dee and So Surprised Suzie

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