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Bargain Dolls
we didn't make the grade

if you stumbled upon this page somehow- all these dolls are sold

baby with hammer

Most of the dolls on this page will be in somewhat lesser condition than I prefer to sell at the Den. In order to keep Dollmama's Den your best resource for collectible vinyl dolls, I do not normally list any dolls with less than a VG (very good) grading. However, the dolls on this page can be quite collectible just the same. I will list the main flaws but keep in mind these are "as is" dolls and I haven't done any preening or dressing. Some will have very minor problems, some may have more than one problem or could be used for parts. A few will have no problem at all and may be here because I just don't like the doll. Most all will be undressed. I will be happy to answer any questions, just ask. There's not usually a lot here but I do add a few dolls from time to time. The only link to this page is from my home page.

$15.00 Dolls

$10.00 Dolls

$5.00 Dolls

Large 24" Horsman baby doll with soft body and vinyl head, legs and arms, from 1974. Eyes are cloudy and hair looks very frizzed. Cryer works, body is clean sold 20"-21" Eugene Baby Doll soft body, vinyl head and limbs, blue sleep eyes w/molded lashes, blonde rooted hair- none missing. Needs one (easy) repair on her cloth body. Mainly needs hair work and cleaning on the vinyl (no ink). No date Sold 14" Lemon Meringue blow kiss baby doll from the Strawberry Shortcake series, Kenner 1982. Has blush rubs Sold
8½" American Character Teeny Tiny Tears, 1964. She is in excellent condition other than having some hair plugs missing in front, mostly the first row. She still has enough hair to work with. No ink or chews, very clean Sold 1976 Marx 16" First Love all vinyl doll with swivel waist, blonde rooted hair, and blue sleep eyes. Her hair is frizzy and she is very loosely strung, a little more than she should be, no other problems Sold Doll in Green 10" stocking net type doll. Still in original cello bag although it is open on one end. She's attached to a round plastic base, marked Made in Hong Kong on bottom. The dress is different shades of green, looks to be from sun fading, otherwise she's in mint condition
1960's 20" Sayco Baby Doll Vinyl head and limbs, rigid plastic torso, pretty blue pinwheel eyes. Blonde rooted hair has had a trim- not bad, and she has one little blush rub on her left cheek. The CPK outfit she is wearing is okay but needs new elastic. She's a drink and wet doll in nice clean condition other than the hair trim- and there's still enough to work with 1966 American Character 12" walker. Same doll as freckles but there are no freckles (she has a name but don't recall it right now). Hard body with vinyl head and arms, rooted hair and brown painted eyes. Facial expression changes when you lower her left arm. She needs clothes and hair work, some lip paint missing. Sold 10" Horsman rubber squeaker doll with molded hair. Head is moveable, one piece body with inset stationary eyes. No problems, no clothes Sold

Fisher Price My Sleepy Baby, 1978. 20" soft foam stuffed doll with vinyl head, rooted hair, blue sleep eyes. She does have her original hat, I forgot to put it on her for the pic, it will come with her. She has been played with but there is nothing wrong with her sold 14" Strawberry Shortcake blow kiss baby doll, Kenner 1982. Redressed, has blush rubs Sold


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